Wood Fence Facts

   When it comes to the pickets you have a few choices. You first need to decide what type of wood you would like to have your Pickets made from. They all have their pros and cons. Treated Pine is the cheapest but is more prone to warping, cupping, and buckling problems over time but, it can be kept close to the ground. Unlike cedar that must be keep off the ground about 1.5Ē so, it does not rot from contact with the ground but, it will not warp or buckle like Treated Pine. We usually recommend Cedar pickets but, over the past years the price of cedar has risen.
Some fence companies use a Cypress wood but, we do not. We have noticed that cypress is prone to be eaten my termites. 

The rails of the fence are usually built out of pine do to high cost of cedar in Chattanooga and the southern states. Also pine rails are stronger than cedar rails. We recommend using a 12-ft treated pine rails instead of 8-ft rails with the post on 6ft centers. The reason being is that 8- ft rails will warp or bow outwards. If you take a real close up look at all wood fence built using 8-ft rails with the post on 8ft centers, you will see a lot of this. Unfortunately most wood fences are built this way because itís easier and cheaper. The main reason why 12-ft rails will not warp as much is because; the post set on a 6-ft center will support the middle of the rail. We always use pine for post because; they are treated specially for ground contact and will not rot. 

All Wood Fences require about the same amount of maintenance. Which normally includes a coat of clear water sealer 2-week after it is installed, then again every 2 years? But, remember if just a clear sealer is used, the wood will eventually turn gray. If you would like a little color, then use a colored stain with sealer and then a clear sealer top coat every 2 years... 

Wood fencing can built in 3 common heights ranging from 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot tall; as will as custom sizes. Wood also comes in 4 common styles Rail, Picket, Semi-Privacy, and Privacy. Our entire fence is custom made; we donít use any prefab panels here.

No other fence company in the Chattanooga area builds better fences or gates than we do. We use over sized post to support the gate, heavy-duty hinges, and latches to insure you have a maintenance free gate. Also, gates are frame using cedar 2x4s because it is lighter and warp. 

All posts are set 24 inches in the ground and in 40 LBS of concrete, gates are set 30 inches and in 80 LBS of concrete. 

To help in your selection, we have many pictures to look at from the Chattanooga area, just click on one of the links listed below. 

Our wood fences come with a 2-year warranty.
Most wood fence prices start out around $11.00 per foot installed.

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