Master Fence Metal Gate Specs

Gate Intro
 We use only the finest quality aluminum materials available, to custom craft a gate for your property. You will find that our gates are economically priced and extremely sturdy because of uniquely engineered vertical weld design. Each base gate is jig built, controlling the quality and placement of all key structural welds, while reducing the cost of production. From our base design, we can add beautiful ornamentation, and custom sculpted tops to complement your taste. Driveway gates, enhance your life in many ways including security, adding value to property, style and sophistication, animal retention, and much more. Each gate comes standard with roller bearing hinges, 8 welds per picket, thick wall tubing, and a top quality paint process.

Gate Construction
  Structurally sound welding is the heart of a quality gate. Welding strategies under many conditions are engineered to provide a superior eight-weld vertical system. The structural frame pickets are welded in 8 places and meet all of the American Welding Society’s standards. Four horizontal welds are done in a traditional manner and are commonly used by professional welders. Done correctly, they supply the strength needed to hold together a gate. Our four additional vertical welds, approximately 1-¼ inches in length, are done to give a higher level of stability and strength to the gate, almost eliminating gate sag. Vertical welds are done so they are hidden from either side of the gate and are a sign of quality and care in construction, and we takes every step to make your new gate last a lifetime.

Gate Measurements
Pickets - The structural frame pickets are ¾ inches in length and ¾ inches in width with a thickness of .090 inches; 30% thicker than most gates on the market.
Crossbar – Each picket is sandwiched between two structural crossbars, at bumper height and at the top. These crossbars, are the pivotal point of strength that is unique to our gates. The front crossbar is 1 ½ X ¾ inch rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of .125in. The back crossbars are a full ¼ inch in thickness, this thickness allows may automation options without modification. 
Frame - Frame members are all 2in. X 2in. square tubing with a wall thickness of a full .125 or 1/8in. The added thickness over our competitors allows increased structural support and durability.

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Steel Reinforced Cedar Gate System

Master Fence Wood Gate Specs

Cedar Gates
  Our premium red cedar gates, tastefully rich in design, with a wide variety of products, has the solution to your gate design needs. Our primary ingredient has always been kiln-dried fine textured Western Red Cedar, because of the fantastic strength to weight ratio, ease of machining to fine tolerances and its paint holding abilities. Cedar is a great choice for outdoor use because of its versatility. It can be stained, painted, or used “as delivered” in its raw nature for a rustic look. After some weathering cedar turns a light gray color. You can also preserve the natural color by applying an UV wood sealer regularly. One of the unique features of our gate is the welded eleven (11) gauge steel frame that is completely concealed inside the cedar providing distinctive quality and design. The internal steel frame joints are all welded to ensure frame strength. As for the outside of the gate all angled joints are screwed, glued, then filled with wood filler. Bungs are used to fill all straight drilled holes then angled and straight holes are sanded to ensure a smooth seamless finish. 

Standard Sizes 
  The gate designs are available in six standard sizes 10', 12', 13', 14', 15', & 16', and these are the actual sizes of the gate itself. . The gates are identical on both sides and are 4" thick. Limitations typically are 16' overall width and 90" overall height, also all gates come with ball bearing hinges for your hanging convenience. 

Gate Construction 
  The cedar is permanently bonded to the welded frame with LP Premium waterproof polyurethane adhesive, which means the gate will have a high resiliency to harsh weather elements, due to its performance characteristics and insensitivity to moisture. With our 
Full Frame Double Stacked Impact Point” design, you can rest assured that durability and strength of your gate will remain uncompromised even after dealing with the rigors of powered auto access controls. Custom gate designs are available per customers' drawings and dimensions and are typically quoted the same day as submitted. 

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